What’s this about?

“Houston, we have landed on  …….  where are we?”

And you thought you were onto a good thing, yeah right!

You’ve arrived at our blog for better or for worse.

Who knows what you’ll find here. I’m doing the writing and I have no idea.

The egereyes philosophy is pretty simple: take the time to stop and see the moment at least once a day. Don’t be in a rush to get to tomorrow.

As with all blogs, this one is a self indulgent photo essay into whatever tickles my fancy.

I’m very ticklish.

I’ll try to let you see a little of what I see.

You see?

Postings could be sporadic as I prefer to spend my time sailing or riding my bikes.

One of the nice things about AUS is that you can indulge in the outdoors all year round. But no matter what, keep an eye out for the daily photo.

Strap in, hang on and enjoy the ride.


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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