L’Eroica 2016 kicks off in Milano

It has been a long time in the planning but finally, we are off on our Tuscan adventure.  But before we even left Melbourne, our adventures began with yours truly trying to ‘help’ his better half by taking her iPhone to Apple regarding a sudden serious of crashes and battery drops. The helpful genius bar people stepped straight in and diagnosed a faulty phone (2 years old mind you) and promptly replaced it with the warning “you do have a backup at home don’t you sir ?”   “Of course I do” I retorted. 

To cut a very long story short, the last back up had failed and my better half is much better at every thing else other than backing up her IT stuff. Needless to say, I could only find a backup from 2015. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Not only that, Apple’s new two step authentication system seemed to be not playing ball and we couldn’t restore it from the backup. Denise now ‘slightly’ stressed, calls apple support with departure for airport at T minus 2hrs. At T + 30mins, we just had to go and sort it out in Italy. She now had enough ammo on me to wipe two life times of brownie points from the face of the planet. Looking forward to some zzzzzz on our Qatar flight.

24 hours later, we arrive at Milano and jump the train to Cardona station were some lovely cabbies tried to stuff my bike bag into an impossibly small Fiat. A “Grande” cab was called and a Toyota Prius turns up. Sheeeesh. They call this big!!  We did manage to shoe horn it all in and headed off to Lago #1 at 5 Via San Tomaso, Milano, Lombardia.  A lovely air BNB flat close to the city centre. Denise picked a ripper place. A tiny two story flat furnished by the Lago company to showcase their range of cabinetry. Quite nice stuff though a bit “The Block”.

On our own for the next day before catching up with the Nicos.  Off to fashion week we go. 


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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