Boston to San Francisco

Leon's new cycling blog launches as seen from Cafe Roma, SF


We flew out of Boston early yesterday morning as the weather continued to deteriorate. Looking forward to some fine weather for a change, we arrived to hear everyone complaining about the deteriorating weather in SF. What the? It's following us.

I took TJ down to Pier 39 for a quick peak at the gaudiness that is “the third largest attraction outside of Disney Land”. People come from all over to get their “I love SF” T-Shirts, consume ice cream and pose for photos with Alcatraz in the background before jumping back on the tour buses. It doesn't matter what country you visit, the scene is the same at all of the main attractions.

After we had bought our T-Shirts (just kidding), we caught up with friend and host Dave for dinner at a brilliant cafe in Washington Square. Great food, great company. Just a pity that we hit the wall and crashed.

I woke to find that Leon had finally created his cycling blog celebrating his love of cycling and cycle racing over the past 50 years. Leon Sims writing credentials are well established being the author of a number of books and blogs. If you like a good yarn and bicycles, do yourself a favour and wander over to his blog and check it out. There you go Leon, that's enough of a plug mate 😉

Coffee and danish at Cafe Roma and I'll wander back to see if TJ has surfaced before exploring SF.



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