Don't get me wrong, I'm not 'having a go' at our friends in the US, just merely making an observation. In a land where coffee abounds at every location you would think that at least one of these fine establishments could avoid murdering the holy bean.
I was taunted in Barnstable MA by the title of this place; Nirvana Coffee Company'

Yes! Let it be so. Please take me to coffee nirvana for at least one human sized (no grande ) cup “pa..leeeaase”.
Lulled into a false sense of security, I placed my order. Forget a long macchiato. Play it safe, go the cafe latte. The 'barista' asks if I would like a small.
Good start.
Small turns out to be Aussie large so a quick “half the milk please” was hastily added in an effort to thwart disaster.
“Certainly” she smiled going about her task with all the passion and dexterity of a 16 year old boy trying to undo his first bra.
And then it was before me, the promise; Nirvana.
For all of you who have dreamed of visiting Nirvana, check your travel insurance to see if you can get a refund. Do it, do it now!




3 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. And to think I lived there for six years of my life! (In the USA that is, not Nirvana!)
    Oh yes, but that was before I started drinking coffee!
    By the way, Jeanti made my coffee this morning at Cafe Corsair; it was awesome!
    Trace Ali-Ment on her way to Adelaide today, being towed by Pete Hackett.

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