Hurricane Andrea is spoiling the party

  • When booking and paying for baseball tickets, check the weather first. Thanks Andrea

    When booking and paying for baseball tickets, check the weather first. Thanks Andrea


    It’s nearly summer isn’t it? Here in Boston, we had the air conditioners going flat out on Monday and by Friday, the east coast is being battered by hurricane Andrea. Melbourne-ites seem to drag this stuff around. At least we weren’t one of the the multitude of families that headed to Florida for their summer vacations!

    Boston is an amazing city; picture postcard doll houses, neat lawns, flags on everything and a very diverse mix of people. Compared to San Francisco and Idaho, it is quite prim and proper, almost uptight. Perhaps remnants of their British legacy ?

    Poor TJ has endured as whirlwind of sightseeing including Charlestown, USS Constitution, Plymouth and yesterday, Salem. Posts and pics to follow. After 12 months in Idaho, she would rather being lying on a beach in Hawaii but that wasn’t really an option this trip. 12 months here have ensured that most of the sights and sounds of everyday life are now so familiar to her that she barely notices them. My travellers eyes continue to see everything as new. She wants to keep moving whilst I want to stop and look. To her credit, she is being amazingly patient.

    USS Constitution in Charlestown

    USS Constitution in Charlestown

    John "Bergy" Bergman

    Our host with the most, John looking oh so cool in his new glasses

    Salem 6725

    Plymouth Rock’s resting place

    Captain Tianna aboard USS Constitution

    Burger stop Salem. Something they're not telling us?



    Fenway Park is our destination today if Andrea doesn’t have other plans. We’ll see.


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