Sensuous distraction – Daily Photo

  • Rituals are an essential element of human existence. In my busy, modern world, there is something aromatically sensual about pausing to ‘take coffee’.

    I love cafe’s and the people who choose to pass through them. A good cafe allows you to belong to something bigger than one’s self but also be alone if you so choose. As I write, I’m conversing with an imaginary person however, the moment that coffee arrives, the aroma and ritual tear my attention away from the task at hand. My imaginary friend disappears in the steam escaping from the glass. The rich, volatile oils assault my olfactory senses and I salivate in anticipation…………….

    Coffee in a melbourne cafe

    A good coffee in a Melbourne cafe is always a ‘sensuous distraction’.

    I like my coffee.
    I mean, I REALLY like my coffee.

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