Daily photo #127


Many years ago, I read a book on a flight by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd called the “Meaning of Liff”. It was a book of names, many of them place names, that they had collected over many years of travel. The names themselves were often but funny but when combined with Douglas’s wit, they were given new meanings that caused most people within earshot on the plane, to think I was stark raving mad. The names were used to describe things for which there are no words.


A trip to the ultimate ‘man cave’, Bunnings warehouse, reminded me of the book. I realised that there was no name for the phenomenon that sees you go to a hardware warehouse looking for something, can’t find it but come out with something completely different.
Help me find a word to describe this phenomenon. You know the one; you’ve been there! Suggestions?


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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