Update to daily photo #89

A great mate of mine queried my assertion that the bike in the photo #89 was of English origin. As I took the snaps with my phone late at night, I must confess to not having looked closely enough until today.

A Les O'Mara bicycle frame

As you can see from the poor shot is that the frame does say

“Built by Les O’Mara, Station St Cheltenham”.

Here is a snippet from Les’s grandson, Jae who now owns and operates the business under the name of O’Maras rather than the original ‘Corsair’

“Cycling expert Les Omara started his bike business in 1945, determined to bring his passion for cycling to the people. He named the shop Corsair Cycles, after the fighter aeroplanes in World War II.

Now his grandson Jae Omara continues his legacy, bringing his own expertise and enthusiasm to the latest evolution of the family business – Omara Cycles.” Snipped from O’Mara’s website.

Thanks Leon for asking the question. I’ll get some better shots and talk to Fred about his plans for the frame. I’ll keep you all in the loop.


2 thoughts on “Update to daily photo #89

  1. It was the reference to ‘Station street Cheltenham’ that caught my attention. When I looked closer, I saw Les O’Mara’s name and remembered where I had heard the name before. Fancy Stuart picking one up in a Loch Sport CFA trash and treasure!

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