Daily photo #89

The daily photo has had a ‘retro bike’ theme of late. It seems that the interest in old bikes and opportunities to ride them is catching. Even my old mate Fred has caught the the bug. He rocked up to my place tonight all excited and desperate to show me his new baby.

He had been to a country fire authority (CFA) fund raising sale and picked up an old bike. A quick search on the net revealed that it was an english made ‘Corsair’ probably circa early 60’s.

Corsair was an English bicycle company. This one appears to be a mid range road bike with horizonatal rear drop outs, two gears (one fixed and the other free) and steel wheels.


This one is a ‘fixer upper’. The paint work is faded and there are numerous patches of rusty steel poking through. A clean, rust neutralise and then clear coat might preserve the hand painted line work and logos. I wonder what he will do with it?


3 thoughts on “Daily photo #89

  1. Hmmmm, I’ll check back at another pic I took. You’ve got me thinking about something that bugged me but didn’t give much thought.

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