Daily photo #49

  • 20110918-100302.jpg

    Lining up for the start. 1000 in front of me and another 2000 behind.

    Too tired to type having just returned from a brilliant bike ride in Lorne. The Amy Gillett Gran Fondo attracted a field of 2900 riders for the 120km timed ride along one of the most iconic roads in Australia. The Great Ocean Road was closed to cars and for that reason alone, was enough to attract the riders. Add in a good measure of scenery, challenge and superb weather and everyone was a winner.


    Stats giving Hampster the low down on how the race panned out. Hampster doing his best to avoid falling face first into Stats lap.

    Banger explains how the hard men rode the course to “Lorne Girl” while euro Dave wonders where Lorne Girl gets her legs waxed.


    Super Debz explains to Mavis “it was so awesome I could do it again” while Mavis thinks ‘she’s one sick puppy’, “….um…sorry Deb, what were you saying?”

    Our bunch had a great run with everyone competing the course, each with their own tale or two. Huge sympathy vote to Euro Dave. His poor bike was so terrified by the awesomeness of his power output that the pawl springs packed up and went home. That left him pedalling furiously but not getting anywhere. Kind of like how your humble scribe felt at times. Our own super Debz also won her age division with a few others qualifying for UCI world masters games eligibility in Belgium. For others, it was a brilliant job negotiating the hilly course given our normal preference for rolling hills of beach road, Melbourne. Nice one gang!


    Leaping, Debz and Kiwi waiting for in the sun for the presentation ceremony.

    Debz is the first woman in her ages category and takes home the big cheque.

    All of the winners in the Amy Gillett Foundation's inaugral Gran Fondo.

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