Daily photo #43


Ten years ago, I was about to go to bed in Melbourne. I watched the evening news and was shocked to hear about a light aircraft crashing into the World Trade Centre building. A tragedy in itself but merely a shocking civil disaster. We went to bed and awoke to a totally different world. Images of the planes striking the building were being played over and over. The attack on the Pentagon confirmed that we were witness to a coordinated attack on an unprecedented scale. I drove to work at the Melbourne Juvenile Justice Centre listening to the news reports on the radio. All normal programming had been suspended as the nation seemed to hunger for any news that would shed light on this unbelievable event. At the office, no one was working. Instead every radio and television had been commandeered and tuned to to the constant stream of news.
As I sit here at night watching not the news but the tenth anniversary ceremony and reflect on a world that I can barely remember, a time before the ‘war on terror’ began.

Thankfully, some things didn’t change. It’s Melbourne in September and that means only one thing, finals footy. A great mate of mine called me and asked me to join him at at the Carlton vs Essendon preliminary final at the MCG. I’ve never been to a finals game and to watch my team, Carlton, was an opportunity too good to miss. There was crowd of over 90000 people there to watch the Blues claim a crushing victory over the Dons. Sorry Al but thanks for a rippa day.
In an era of uncertainty, it is comforting to know that some social conventions endure.
Cheers to the spirit of humanity.








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