Daily photo #34

Dimmeys department store has been a melbourne icon since ever since it’s famous ‘ball and tower’ was erected in 1907. This was to replace the building damaged by fire that had been in use by the business since 1853. We nearly lost it to development. Whilst it has been saved, a high rise development will be built behind it and the skyline will never look quite the same again.



2 thoughts on “Daily photo #34

  1. and messages, orders, invoices and whatevers were sent whizzing down in capsules along these tubes that sucked them just like a vacuum cleaner to other departments.

    • I remember the air tube systems at the Coles Variety store in Glenhuntly Rd and as recently as the 90’s, at Ryan’s Tools in Elizabeth St. They were little wooden pucks that were hollow. When you bought something, the sales docket and your cash would be placed inside and sent to a room above the shop floor containing the cashiers. They would finalise the transaction, write your receipt and return any change back down the tube. Half the fun of buying something was to see this in action!! Now I’m feeling really old 🙂

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