Daily photo #7

  • img_0850-2011-07-11-17-41.jpg

    One of the highlights of winter is having a warming fire. Mesmerising, powerful, comforting, soulful and playful. Fire is elementry. As Melbourne comes to grips with a proper winter after many years of drought, the reality of it can be a little tiring. Thankfully, Melbournians are well adapted to the vagaries of the weather. The moment the sun shines and warms the land, we all come spilling out of our homes and cafes to populate the urban outdoors. When the weather gets cold and grey, we return to our burrows and hunker down to soak up the warmth and security of home. If you’re lucky enough to have an fire like we do, it is just that little more bearable. More so with fine food, company and a glass of wine to wash it all down. Bon soir

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