Daily Photo #4

  • img_0841-2011-07-7-22-38.jpg

    Hand painted hubcap framed by white walled tyre

    My daily photo today shows that I can’t count. I visited the Melbourne car show and was surrounded by the bling and lights of the vendor’s displays. But what really took my eye was the collection of old cars tucked away down at the back of the conference centre. Whilst eveyone ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaaaahhed’ over the Maserati or the BMW concept cars, I marvelled at the hand painted hubcaps on an old desoto. My favourite though was the French Talbot Lago racing car from the late 40’s. There is something about these cars sitting benignly under the show lights that belies the ferocity of them when they’re in there natural environment; the race track. When you look inside the cockpit, a greater appreciation of the people that drove them is there for the discovery. They were raw, dangerous, hellish places to try and control something that seems to defy control. It would have been an unbelievable buzz! I’ve added an add Shell made with Ferrari to give you a taste of the aural delight of these machines.

    Talbot Lago racing car in french blue of course!

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