Parky’s Dodgy Trailerparts

  • Those who have been following Daz-Al’s Tasar campaign at the nationals, stop! You’ll be as heart broken as we are

    I wrote prophetically it now seems, that the wheels had literally fallen off our campaign as soon as we arrived at Woollahara with two flat trolley tyres. Poor Chris Parkinson copped a fair bit of ribbing (he built the VERY good trolley) about the flat tyres. Alistair made a joke at the nightly awards referring to one of the regatta sponsors as “Parky’s Dodgy Trailer Bits dot com”. Poor Parky then became the target of a running gag that was actually quite good. Parky being the legend that he is, took it with good humour and his trademark grin.

    So this post is proudly sponsored by

    Parky’s Dodgy Trailer Bits


    Yesterday was a lay day meaning no racing. Most people use it as a chance to catch up on some sight seeing, the washing or fixing their boats. We had to fix a leak in our boat and whilst in the boat park came upon this very interesting sight.

    Parky’s tasar sans trolley wheel.

    Clearly Parky was having a few problems of his own. His car and work trailer were parked out the front. Whilst Parky was no where to be seen, it was obvious that he was hard at work trying to repair his own dodgy trailer. Checking out the kit in his trailer shows that he should be up to just about any trolley task he encounters.

    Parky’s mobile workshop.

    If you need any help with your trailer or beach trolley, “who you gunna’ call”? Parky!

    For those who have seen the film, “The world’s fastest indian” the Burt Munroe story, will be familiar with the trailer scene. Apparently Parky served his appenticeship under Burt Munroe or so the legend goes.

    No trailers or trolleys were harmed during the production of this report.

    Parky in fact,  makes the best Tasar Trolleys currently available and hopefully has a good sense of humour and no lawyers for friends!

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