Tasar Nationals Day one

  • img_4761-2011-01-4-09-15.jpg
    I’m not too sure the bodycorp will be pleased with this look but how else do you dry your wetsuits?

    Well, the fun stuff is over. Racing has begun here at Woollhara. We sailed the practice race yesterday. “The Poms”, Pete and Charlotte had enquired about our ‘mission’ for the regatta. We told them that it was a secret ie. we have no idea. Now I think that it is simply to stay in the boat. Alistair nearly fell out near the start and I went over the side on the reach. I hung onto the jib sheet which was the only thing that stopped me disappearing all together. We’ve decided that falling out of a Tasar isn’t the fastest way to sail them.

    The first two races were held today. After an initial burst of sunshine, the weather became overcast with wind squalls, lightening and thunder keeping us on our toes. Our shore crew had packed us a brilliant lunch. We munched on smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, and spinach wrapped in mountain bread. Yummo as you skim along Sydney harbour in a fast dinghy!

    What looked like idyllic water soon turned into a ‘washing machine’ chop with the wake from the ferries, 71 Tasars jockeying for position and numerous pleasure craft. It was lumpy and bumpy with the breeze kicking in and suddenly dropping out. Getting off the start line quickly and away from the other boats became a ‘must’. We had a great day on the water. We stayed out of trouble, stayed in the boat and kept pace with the front bunch of boats. Not bad for a couple of old blokes. The forecast for the rest of the week looks solid with the breeze from the South. This means that we will continue to work hard sailing into the shore at Rose Bay and deal with the breeze flicking around the closer we get to the club. Fun and games for all.

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