Summer 2010 in Melbourne

What’s ‘yummy mummy’ doing near my barbie?

While the northern hemisphere freezes over, here in Melbourne we are celebrating the beginning of summer with the time honoured tradition of the “barbie” or barbecue AKA the BBQ. Denise has been caught encroaching on traditionally male territory. What’s more she is wearing an ……. apron! Not a stubby holder or mate to yak to anywhere. I admire her determination to give it a go but c’mon Denise, do you have to wear a ‘yummy mummy’ apron?

Mmmmm, my mushrooms filled with black pepper and red wine are doing just nicely thank you.

We’re getting ready for Santa and it looks like we might get to go for a swim at the beach on Christmas day. All of that ‘white christmas’ stuff looks great when you’re on the other sided of the world wandering around in a pair of shorts and t-shirt sipping on a cold drink with friends and family. We will be heading off to Sydney to sail in the Tasar Nationals. It will be my first time in Sydney on New Year’s Eve and we’ll be at the Woollahra Sailing Club, looking across the harbour. Coool! Stay tuned for updates.

Sydney knows how to do new years eve!


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