A winters day in Melbourne on July 25th

Today was a special day in Melbourne. I was walking through the city with my family on the way to meet my parents. It is my father’s birthday and we were all meeting for lunch at the Red Emperor in Southgate. We had arrived early and decided to walk through the city. On Sunday, you can almost reclaim the city as the crowds have dissipated and the traffic is light. The city relaxes and takes slow, deep breathes before the onslaught of Monday.

I dropped into Degraves Lane for a coffee. I love going there because of the buzz and vibe. You could be anywhere in the world in that little lane. The coffee is good too! A guy was busking nearby playing the guitar, harmonica and singing. I can’t recall the songs but he was great. I slung him some gold and thanked him as I moved onto my lunch appointment.


What’s this? A queue for concert tickets?

Walking along Collins St, I approached the corner of Queen. There are some stunning old buildings in this part of the city. What I hadn’t realised was just how much they’re appreciated. As I approached the intersection, I noticed a long queue of people winding their way from Queen St and running around the corner into Collins St. Curious, I walk over and discovered that these people weren’t queuing for tickets to a rock concert, they were waiting to go into the old ANZ bank. It was an open day, one of many organised to show people inside historic old buildings around Melbourne. How awesome was that!!


The star attraction: a beautiful, iconic Melbourne building built in the era of Melbourne’s gold rush.

Melbourne is an amazing city if you take the time to walk it’s streets and most importantly, her alleys. I hope to spend more time over the coming months exploring my own city and sharing some of those discoveries. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “A winters day in Melbourne on July 25th

  1. Hi Daz,
    Very evocative!
    Let me know when you want to do a Sunday walking tour and we’ll come along for the vibe!

  2. Took the time to read your blog with a port in hand. An enjoyable read. Can I post it on mine and take credit?????

    • High praise from “Mr Blogger” indeed. You may do with it as you please however, your readers will wonder what has happened to your usually high standard of penmanship!

  3. Daz, it is funny because I passed that point going into the city too (going to St Francis in Lonsdale St) and wondered what was happening. I then just forgot about it, so tks for solving the mystery. We have gone to Degraves st a few times now, and James goes regularly, full of colour and movement, isn’t it?

    • I love Melbourne’s many nooks and crannies. There are heaps of them and some are just out of the main CBD too. Lot’s of fun just cruising on your bike checking stuff out.

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