Whoa, Jules is 21!


Jules can’t be 21 yet? He was only screaming and crying as he slid face first down the stairs at the house in Mt Martha. He was hanging on to Denise for dear life when she took him to kinder and he didn’t want her to go.

He was figure skating and running out of landing space with his jumps until we figured out that he needed glasses. We had a discussion with his art teacher who wondered why he only used black and white in all of his artwork. He’s colour blind.


He won the Victorian U13 figure skating championships then announced to his heartbroken mother that he was giving up skating. He hated competition.

Jules training

Jules winning the Victorian figure skating championships

He discovered art and manga and has been drawing, painting and creating like a demon ever since.

Last minute touch ups to one of his VCE pieces

He had is 18th birthday and in the wee hours of the morning, decided that jumping across the brazier with not very much on was a great idea. He spent the night in hospital with flash burns. He completed his VCE and after a gap year, completed a multimedia diploma.
Hmmmm, it has crept up on me.

Happy 21st




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