Trouble in paradise

One of the nice things about sailing is that usually, big regattas are held in nice places. The Tasar Nationals are being held in the Whitsunday’s; Airlie beach to be precise. It is a stunning part of Australia with warm water and breathtaking views at every turn.


Well, almost every turn. This individual is a big fan of Alistair and had this mask made of him. He was trying it on for fit when I snapped this photo. I think it might be a case of back to the drawing board. What do you think?


The Tasar fleet is 94 boats strong and is one of the most competitive Tasar fleets assembled for some time. There is fantastic depth in the first 20 boats and the slightest mistake is severely punished.


We have two more days of sailing however, on present form, we’re unlikely to come home with the result that we were hoping for. Regardless of the outcome, who could be disappointed at spending time with a bunch of really great people whilst messing about in boats in a stunning location?



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