A better day on the water and lay day

Alistair and I have been working on achieving a decent result and to put it bluntly, we’ve been found wanting. However, race 4 finally saw us hold onto a top finish. We have been at the pointy end of the fleet at the beginning of most of the races but have not read the local conditions well enough to consolidate. Race 4 had us finishing with an 11th which in this fleet isn’t shabby. Buoyed by result, we slipped out of the neoprene and slipped on the boardies for the lay-day. Half of the sailors travelled out to the reef for some snorkelling whilst the rest of us went to Hamilton island for golf buggy races before heading out to Whitehaven beach for some R&R.



It was a quiet, lazy day which is just what the doctor ordered for recharging the batteries. This was necessary as one of Tasar sailors celebrated her 40th the night before and of course, in a show of fleet solidarity, we had to be there. Oh my liver!
Today is a three race day so we’re expecting the first race to very light with some pressure in the subsequent races. Fingers crossed.




4 thoughts on “A better day on the water and lay day

  1. And race 5??

    Come on guys lift your game… Mike and Kim are going to beat you at your own game and I suspect he will then also achieve his major goal… Guess you are at a disadvantage though as most teams are hubby and wife and they obviously know each other strengths and weaknesses better…

    • Thanks for the ‘words of encouragement’ Nico. I don’t think that the husband wife thing is main problem. Crap sailing is our biggest issue 🙂 Mick and Kim are sailing really well which doesn’t help. At least they’re friends and Vics! We’re warm here so that has to be worth something as well. Not looking forward to coming back to Melbourne.

    • Don’t worry Leon, soon we’ll be back in freezing Melbourne and this warm glow will be but a distant memory as the sound of my own teeth chattering drowns out any recollection of Airlie. Please excuse us for not desperately wanting to rush home. Nothing personal.

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