Tasar Nationals at Airlie Beach

The view north from the Whitsunday Yacht Club

Today saw the talk finally stop and the sailing begin at Airlie beach. 94 Tasars lined up for the invitation race; a race that serves as a warm-up but the results don’t count. The weather here in Airlie is a mild 25 C and the water temperature is 20 C. The water is a glorious turquoise with a moderate, 15 knt breeze fanning out across the course in irregular patterns. Nearly 200 sailors jockeyed for positions at the start line with nerves clearly playing a part in the first false start. The second attempt at starting saw the fleet get away cleanly as they battled for positions on a tough, flukey course. The practice race served it’s purpose providing crews with a chance to shake out the cobwebs before the serious racing starts tomorrow.

Regatta host, Michael Paynter handing the mike over to an award recipient.

The Whitsunday Yacht Club has provided a spectacular setting for the regatta and no Tasar regatta would be complete without the nightly awards ceremony hosted by Tracey and Alistair.

The Ronstan presentations hosted by Alistair and Tracey.

Competitors are encouraged to recall embarrassing moments, stories etc. and pass them onto Alistair for daily ritual humiliation. It is a lot of fun and eagerly supported and enjoyed by the fleet. As tonight was also the welcome, there was a bit of housekeeping to be done including celebrating Tony Creek’s 64th birthday.

Tony Creek leads his birthday sing-along

The best was kept for last as Tracey and Alistair were presented with the most incredible wedding cake in the shape of Ronstan cam cleat. They were rapped!!! And the week of racing has only just begun.




2 thoughts on “Tasar Nationals at Airlie Beach

  1. And Oh, a comment on the weather. It’s nice to see you guys in your transitional stage back to our cold winter mornings. But be warned, you do have to return to frosty Melboune mornings on Beach Road. hahahahahahahahahhahaha.

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