Beaches, sunsets, vows and dancing in the rain

The day started out as any other morning in Phuket. We wandered down to the breakfast area and greeted everyone, grabbed a juice, some fruit and a tea. But wait, something was wrong. There’s Tracey but no Alistair.
What gives?

Tracey explained that he was feeling more than a little tired and emotional after finally leaving the beach at 3am. He required a little help with teeth cleaning and getting a barocca down. When she awoke, she asked Al how he felt to be told that he wasn’t good and that “you might have to go and find someone else to marry” before lapsing back into unconsciousness.

When he did appear sometime later to a round of applause from all those gathered, he could offer no explanation for his presentation as he had lost his voice. Thank goodness the only critical line for the day was “I do”.

The rest of the morning was spent lounging by our pool trying to rehydrate and read the Friday Melbourne paper. There was rumour circulating in Thailand that the new Australian PM was a woman. We figured that Al was still intoxicated and wearing someone else’s glasses. C’mon, who’s going to believe that a woman can run Australia?

Rehydrating Alistair

Finally, they wandered off to get ready and we didn’t expect to see them again until the welcome at the wedding. So we stayed in the pool and let the world drift by. Lo and behold, the bride and groom make an impromptu appearance poolside and ask us if we’re coming to the wedding or not?

Bride and groom drop by and ask if we’re planning on joining them. The Panwah House is behind them in the background. The setting for the wedding on the beach.

We hastily dress and race down to the gathered group.

The baby elephant being prepared for it’s big role.

Nico about to lose a finger as the elephant greets a bunch of un-lycra clad bandidos

The red carpet is rolled onto the beach in preparation.

The guests assemble.

Staying amused while we waited was easy.

Right on cue and time, arrived Ms Thompson and Mr Murray
Unfortunately (or fortunately), his shoes didn’t.

And then in a blink of an eye, we proudly welcomed Mrs Murray and Mr Murray. Three cheers!!

As the wedding party and everyone else gathered on the beach for photos, nature turned on a spectacular light show to compliment the occasion. The yachties should have known what was to come.

Gathering storm clouds.

The guests moved to the lawn of the House and enjoyed a sumptuous Thai feast. We joked, laughed and mingled the night away. When it was time to gather on the forecourt of the House for some dancing we obliged and remained ever obedient right up to the point of the group photo. We stopped dancing and all eyes were directed to the balcony above where the photographer had gathered. As the photos were being taken, we felt the first spots of rain hit our faces. The band had packed up in the blink of an eye and eveyone ran onto the porch for shelter as a monsoonal downpour struck. I’m not quite sure at what point I thought it was good idea to go back out and dance in the rain but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Needless to say a small group of party goers including the bride and groom danced in the rain providing endless amusement to the dry guests. Hopefully more pics to follow.

Tracey’s dress in our sink being ‘de-mudded’ after her dance in the rain.


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