The Eger’s have left for Phuket

Welcome to the Phuket chronicles. We’ll post pics and words here as often as possible to keep you in the loop.

For those who don’t know, our great mates Tracey and Alistair decided to have a little gathering at Cape Panwah in Phuket. Tracey muttered something about weddings and vows and stuff. Naturally being a bloke, I tuned out (natural defense mechanism) and missed the details. Putting two and two together, I figure that they’re planning to get married. Excellent reason for an adventure.

The timing is perfect because after nearly 10 years with Dowd, Denise has left to start up her own company providing production consultancy to the fashion industry (plug plug). After removing the brick wall marks from her forehead, we should be able to get her to relax for a couple of weeks of R&R.

So stay tuned and check back regularly for updates.

The only place to get free wifi in KL airport is the ubiquitous Starbucks. This their small!!


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