Autumn has arrived in Melbourne


Trying to stay warm in the car with a coffee prior to a meeting in Little Bourke St, Melbourne. Wet and windy was the forecast and Melbourne delivered.

It happened this morning. That moment in the year when the shadows have got longer, the days shorter and every opportunity to bask in the sun is not to be missed. I slept through my alarm and couldn’t get out of bed for my normal training ride. The temperature was 6 deg but colder with the wind chill and drizzle. It is Autumn in Melbourne and the leaves are starting to turn on the trees.

I have a meeting in Bourke St. Normally I would arrive early and be happy to walk around. Not today. I found a parking spot, bought a caffe latte and have hidden in my car staying warm and dry.

I’m shocking in the winter and as my European friends tell me, “you don’t know what a real winter is like”. They’re right and I don’t want to know. A Melbourne winter is as much as I want to endure.

The difficulty for me is that most of the things that I like to do occur outside. As the temperature drops, I have to don ever increasing layers of clothing specific to the sport I’m engaged in. Sailing, cycling, running etc. all see me doing my best impersonation of the Michelin Man.

This post marks the resurrection of this blog and hope to share a little of my life in Melbourne over the coming months. One highlight will be a short respite from Melbourne’s winter spent in Thailand. After the grey and gloom of Melbourne, stay tuned for the sparkling sunlight of Cape Panwah.


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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