Traveler's glasses

Some good friends of mine have just returned from their third trip to Europe and France in particular.
“Big deal” and “lucky bastards” you might be thinking. What they have done is tried to capture that sense we get when we return home after a trip. Things look different. No matter how good your holiday has been, it is nice to come home and…. things look different.

So what is this  funny thing that happens when you arrive home?  You know, that sense of awe and wonderment that you have as a traveller, wandering from one new experience to the next. It seems to travel home with you. It might not last long but if you focus, you can hang on to it. Look around and use all of the skills you muster to watch a lousy movie, that ability to suspend belief. Pretend that you’re looking at your home town for the first time.
Guess what? If you can pull it off, something wonderful happens. Every thing looks different.

You notice things you have looked at but not seen for a long time.
OK, now comes the fun part. Hang onto that feeling and try slipping it on like a pair of glasses from time to time. It’s fun. Give it a try!

Back to my friends Sue and Leon. They came back committed to slipping their ‘traveler’s glasses’ on weekly.
The focus of their attention is our own city of Melbourne. Every Monday, they add a new page to their blog
It’s great reading about the familiar. Somehow the familiar seems so much more romantic when it is presented in prose and pictures.

Enough from me. Go and check out their blog and next time you go out for a walk, drive, cycle, don’t forget your traveler’s glasses.


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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