Back in sunny, freezing Melbourne

On the day of our departure from Malaysia, the government there issued a travel warning advising citizens not to travel to Melbourne, “the swine flu capitol of the world”. Due to the high number of students returning from Melbourne at the end of the school break, the government was considering closing all schools for a two week period. Not only that, they were also planning to ban public gatherings including weddings. Consequently, it was with some trepidation that we headed to the airport. On the flight to Australia, we were handed kits containing a couple of masks, sterile wash and thermometer. Our flight was nearly empty save for returning aussies and mask clad japanese tourists. What would we face when returned to the swine flu epicenter?


Absolutely nothing.



The biggest issue was the 5 deg day that was turned on in our honour. What a shock to the system. Melbourne looked majestic under a cold but sunny winter sky. The cyclists along beach rd were suitably rugged up. Our kilometres of bayside beaches home only to intrepid dog walkers and the pets. What a wonderful place we live in.

I’m waiting for the inevitable ‘comparison’ questions. “How does home compare to……?”
To cut to the chase, there is no comparison. Each place we visited was unique in it’s own way. Each had something unique to offer that can’t be found elsewhere. All of them were memorable for very different reasons and I’ve enjoyed them all. As I’ve written elswhere, one of the consistent highlights have been the people we have met where ever we went. So I guess the answer would have to be……….

people like us!


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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