Penang weather report

The sunset as I sweated IN the pool last night!

Thanks for all of the lovely messages from back home. Sorry to hear about the horrible, bleak, cold weather. I must confess that I can’t relate. I haven’t worn a jumper for weeks. It is seriously hot here in Penang with incredibly high humidity. Even the locals are complaining about the heat stating it is unusual. It is the first time I’ve ever felt my self sweat in a pool the water is so warm!

In fact, it is so warm and we sweat so much, we have to wear swim goggles instead of sunglasses !

Speaking of sweating, I’ve been hitting the gym and I’m not normally much of a sweat-er but here, I’m soaked the moment I look at the exercise bike and severely dehydrated after 5mins. The things I’ll do for a point!


What have we been up to? We met the girls en route and travelled to Penang. We’re staying at a nice little shack on Ferenghi beach.
The action on the beach is divided between being mowed down by 4WD bikes roaring along the beach, horses trying to stay out of the way of the bikes, and para-sails being launched from the sand. At the water’s edge are people trying to stay cool in the water but terrified to go more than a metre off shore for fear of jelly fish. If they don’t get you, the speed boats that are towing the parasails will or maybe it will be the jet-skis. At times it resembles a civilian version of a dunkirk landing.

Out the front it is a different type of challenge. The night market. The footpath is transformed into a five km stretch of stalls selling every knock-off known to man-kind. Yves St Laurent, Chanel and Prada have no reason to fear as the bags on offer could never have had an italian designer sneeze on them let alone have a hand in their design. Watches, DVDs, T-Shirts, souvenirs, disgraced politicians, can all be purchased here. The challenge comes when you try to make your way to long beach were the main open air food area is located. For the foodies out there, this is the go to place to sample a little bit of most asian cuisines. The local malyasian speciality ‘how kay to’ (phonetic spelling) is well represented and tasty to boot.

I guess I’m trying to dispell any myths that I’m on holiday and having a wonderful time.
It’s hell over here but some one has to do something for the local economy and in the true spirit of volunteerism, I took that step forward.
Feel for me.


What are you thinking about? Let me know.

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