Menchov takes the 100th Giro


Sitting in my Milan hotel room watching the time trial in Rome wasn’t quite the same as being there. However, having watched them ride past me only two days ago, I felt I was there. You couldn’t have scripted a better Giro. It was tight, really tight. Going into the time trial, the time difference between Menchov and Deluca was the closest in history. The weather kept everyone on their toes including the mechanics. De luca opted to ride his standard ride bike aggressively whilst Menchov chose his time trial bike. The decision almost proved disastrous with Menchov falling on the wet pave with only one kilometer to go. I raise my peroni and tip my hat to you and your team.

On non-giro matters, Denise and I have spent the day at the biggest open air antique market I’ve ever been to. Given we are in Milan, what we know as antiques pale into insignificane compared to what was on offer here. The record was taken by the boxes of fossils with the earthenware statues coming a close second at 1500yrs old. What a strange mix this place is. Historical buildings everywhere, antiques and history alongside some of the most cutting edge art and design. Despite this, it seems a wonder that anything works at all. One doesn’t use the word ‘work’ in Italy. Flow is a better one as the country seems to follow a more organic process.
Viva Italia


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