Sorrento, we made it !


You’d think that something as simple as catching a train from one place to another wouldn’t be too hard for us. We took a water taxi out of the hotel Rialto. Mark and Sue had left already for Florence. We were to meet them on the way through. Tracy and Alistair were also going to meet us at Naples so we would finally be together as we headed for Sorrento. Simple right? Wrong.
We all thought we were on the same train to Naples. Most of us were except you guessed it, Graham and Bet. Somehow, they ended up on a different train; a much nicer fancier train. They would get to naples before us but it would all be OK. Right? Wrong.
We all disembarked at Naples and made sure we had each other’s backs all the way through the seediest train station I’ve been to. Mike pulled us out of the ticket cue and pointed to the tobacco shop in the corner.
“That’s where you get your tickets, not at the ticket booth”.
OK, it’s Italy. This makes complete sense.

Graham and Bet ‘missed’ naples and instead of a rendeavous with us, continued towards Greece! Finally they conned a taxi driver to take them to Sorrento.
We were walking down the main street of Sorrento towards our meeting place at the ‘Ospedale’. Tracy called out to us from a cafe where she and Alistair had been camped. Mark and Sue arrived soon after and then finally Bet and Graham in their taxi. Surrounded by luggage and bemused locals, we noisely swapped stories about our recent adventures and toasted our ‘coming together’.
The walk to our villa wasn’t far but vertically challenging. Situated at the eastern end of town, it was nestled on the rise of the cliffs. The views were specatacular as was the building itself. Three stories of relaxed, italian lifestyle gazing down on the old port of sorrento and across the bay of Naples, Mt Vesuvio. Pinch me!
This will do



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