It's hard knowing where to eat


Yesterday was just another day on the road.
Breakfast at Hotel De la Paix in Lausanne. The dining room window framed by the bustling morning traffic in the foreground and across lake Geneva, Evian and the Alps capped in Spring snow. The language was of course, French.

Lunch was in the busy Zurich shopping centre attached to the airport. This serves as bus and train hub so is a blur of travellers and commuters coming and going. The delightful sounds of French had long since drifted away to be replaced by German and I know which one I prefer. The globalisation of our modern world means that Zurich shops were immediately recognisable and felt like any local shopping centre. At least you can get an affordable, good coffee in Melbourne. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Zurich. Enough with the traveller’s grizzles though. Denise had hit the shops and was already making arrangements to have her credit card debt recognised by the World Bank!
Next stop Venice !


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