Melbourne to Zurich

Trying to get away from work in order to go on holiday is probably one of the more stressful things you can do. What a week it has been as Denise and fought to bring our lives and those of the kids into some semblance of order. We are away from home for four weeks. The children’s grandparents are staying with them whilst we are away. The preparation of kids, grandparents, work etc. was a tumultous exercise at times akin to hearding cats. Sacre bluer!

One last blast on my new ‘dirty girl’ winter bike before we headed out the door. As I was hammering along Beach Rd for the last time in 4 weeks, I did think that maybe it was a risky thing to be doing 1hr before departing.

We collapsed through the immigration departure lounge and the reality that we were finally on our way, dawned on us. You know that feeling when you resign yourself to the fact that anything you’ve forgotten to pack or do … well its too late!

It was nice sinking into the plane seats and zoning out on movies and service. Singapore seemed to come with a rush despite the lengthy flight. We had an almost empty flight onward to Zurich on a newer boing 777-300. More room and really modern IT system. I could even plug my USB drive in an read documents etc. Denise was a bit gob-smacked at the realisition that this flight was 13hrs! Do anything for 13hrs and it seems like a long time but somehow, time is suspended on a flight and you lapse in and out of food fuelled comfort. We were fortunate that the plane was half empty. Everyone had space. Luxury!

The only thing that I missed was watching the Giro on SBS. I had deliberately held off buying the most recent Ride magazine so I could at least get a bit of fix before I went. A small group had already gathered in Milan and I know that Nico was planning on getting in a bit of Giro action whilst Bet went flea market shopping.

I type this as on the train to Lausanne. Denise is madly snapping idyllic Swiss hillside hoping that she might get a glimpse of lonely goat hearder.

Next stop Lausanne, the home of the Olympics.


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